What You Need to Know About Car Seat Safety

Editor’s note: Please be sure to check on your state or region’s laws regarding car seats and children. The laws often change. In my state, children are required to be in booster seats well beyond the age of 4. If you are travelling, be sure to check the laws of the areas you’re visiting as […]

Travel Safely With Toddlers in the Car

Travelling with your adventurous toddler in a car is quite a job. Toddlers are inquisitive about everything and you can’t do anything to curb his or her curiosity. What you need to do is take measures which ensure that your toddler remains safe when travelling in a car. Toddler safety requires constant supervision. As a […]

5 Dangerous Car Seat Mistakes Parents Commonly Make

(Editor’s note: please welcome Davian Masters with some important information for parents of newborn and infants. Thanks, Davian!) Baby car seats have been created and especially designed to increase the safety of the youngest travelers in a vehicle. According to some surveys, however, nearly 80 percent of all parents are using their car seat in […]