FFYF: Cubby Camp Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! Today I am in the middle of Cub Scout camp with the younger boys. What was I thinking? Seriously though, camp is a lot of fun. And I can do anything for two days, right? I’ll update you with any necessary war stories when I get back home! Welcome to the August […]

FFYF: Fartsicle Edition

Happy Friday, Internets! Tonight Hubby was giving the boys a snack before bed when the dog came into the kitchen and looked cute. Naturally we decided that she should have a treat as well. After a moment of consultation, we decided to dig into a bag of treats that I had in the cupboard. The […]

FFYF: Cheeseball Edition

So I’m standing at the bulk-food store with the children when TechnoBoy spots a gigantic container of puffed cheese balls. And by gigantic, I mean GIGANTIC. I don’t usually buy the puffed cheese balls for the boys because a) they’re junk food and b) they tend to stick to your teeth. The 30 ounce container […]

FFYF: Recovery Edition

So yesterday was a fun day for us here at Earnest Parenting. We spent our first day as a family at an amusement park. After a slow start, a good time was had by all. Certain individuals came home with mild sunburn, and after an extremely late night I’m letting everyone sleep in. Shhhhhhhh! Don’t […]

FFYF: Clean Chicken Edition

Good Friday, Internets! You’ll be pleased as punch to know that we washed 8 chickens in 45 minutes without injury last evening. Granted, I don’t think we got them as clean as a die-hard poultry showman would, but they’re clean enough. We’re going to go with that. Especially since the older boys couldn’t be here […]

FFYF: Matching Socks Edition

I have wonderful news, Internets!! I am officially wearing matching socks. See? Because of the knee injury and resulting blood clot, I spent much of the past four months wearing a “compression sock”. This is a knee-high very snug (and uncomfortable!) creation that is not exactly….um….fashionable. Or comfortable. Just last week my doctor approved my […]