Baby Sprinkle: Tips for Showering Newborn No. 2

According to tradition, a first baby is celebrated with a shower but not subsequent little ones. However, as with many traditions, this has changed with time and second (and even third or fourth) pregnancies are celebrated with what is known as a “baby sprinkle.” Similar to a baby shower, a sprinkle celebrates the arrival of […]

8 Name Label Ideas for Kids

Kids love personalized items and belongings, so what better way to let them express themselves than with some awesome name labels for kids? You can help your kids create the labels themselves, or you can order some fun ones online. These ideas are great for back to school, summer camp or simply for the sake […]

10 Fun Ways to Make a Fuss Over Kids’ Birthdays

Did you ever stop to think about how many people celebrate their birthday each day? On average, there are over 16 million people around the world celebrating their birthday on any given day of the week. While you certainly can’t make the day special for each of those people, you can make the day one […]

Celebrate Something With BannersOnTheCheap

Say, do you remember the super adorable banner that we had made up for Hubby for Father’s Day? I got it from The boys and I had SUCH fun making it for him, and then displaying it for him that morning. BannersOnTheCheap makes super nice vinyl banners. And their prices are very cheap! You […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads out there! We’re enjoying a super cute banner that TechnoBoy and I made up at (I’ll write an official review and hopefully have a neat promo link for you later this week!) Isn’t it great??!? The Chuck Norris thing is an inside joke. For some reason, […]

Earnest Parenting is Back Online!

Aaaaaand we’re back. Phew!!! It’s been a nerve-wracking few days, trying to figure out what on earth went wrong with the database and get it back online. But it’s back, yay! And wrapping my mind around some of these concepts has been HARD. If it weren’t for Andrew from, I’d have been sunk. He […]