Top Cell Phone Plans for the Entire Family

Editor’s note: When I received this article, I was a bit puzzled because I’d not heard of Bell. I am told that these plans are available in the US as well as in Canada (apologies to my overseas readers), which makes it an interesting company to research. Cell phone plans are so often crazy expensive! […]

Mobile Safety for Teens: 13 Rules to Teach Them

Mobile phones seem to be like a vital organ for most teens today. Since it is almost impossible to stop teens from using them, the next best step is to help them use these devices responsibly. Teens have lost their lives simply because they failed to follow safety rules while using mobile phones. Keeping Safe […]

Smartphone Use: Parents and Kids Have Much in Common

Even though the older boys are 14, they’ve had rather an adolescent…horror of having anything in common with good ol’ mom and dad for years. So I regard the following infographic about smartphone use with some amusement. Turns out kids and adults can have behaviors in common after all. Brought to you by: Earnest […]

Why Monitoring Your Child’s Smartphone is So Important

Smartphones are highly advanced gadgets that feature various functions such as media players, video recorders, portable cameras, and GPS units. In addition, smartphones feature several applications that help individuals to accomplish tasks or activities like conference calls, video games or online games, inbound and outbound emails, and so on. With so many advanced features, there […]

Some Handy Tips to Handle Kids With Technology

(Editor’s note: please welcome Zach with a guest article on handling kids and technology. Thanks Zach!!) In today’s busy life it’s difficult to protect your child from every evil, whereas, children are badly addicted to technology such as computers, play stations, video games, televisions and most of all mobile phones. All these things play a […]