I Sent My Kids to School Today

Heroes, today is an auspicious day. After 17 years of having children at home with me, 12 of which I was responsible for their schooling, I sent the younger two off to 8th grade at the local middle school this morning. I’ve already been asked how I feel about this development. To be honest, I’m […]

Building A Better Student: The Textured Life

A good friend of mine is all about texture. Where my eye is blind to the subtle shades within designs, she’s able to spot an interesting layer or pattern that adds depth and fullness. It’s a talent that I envy. But it occurs to me that texture shouldn’t be confined to clothes or wall furnishings. […]

5 Tips for Helping Your Kids Adjust to Your New Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood is an exciting, yet sometimes difficult, time for children. Parents can help alleviate their child’s stress by providing him with strategies for adjusting to a new neighborhood. With a little help, your child will feel comfortable and have neighborhood friends to play with after moving in to his new home. […]

Building A Better Student: Lessons From a Moth

I stood before a large assembly of seventh and eighth grade students, talking about preparing for the future. Normally this would cause a twelve-year-old to yawn and yearn to pull out her phone, but on this day a somewhat-perky student raised her hand and asked about the importance of deciding on a career at an […]

Understand Some Truths About Parenting

Having a family is truly a blessing to anyone and raising a child or children is full of surprises. If you are not yet a parent or about to be one, you have to be ready emotionally, physically, and psychologically as you get to have a little angel in your life. Having a baby for […]

A Look at How Teaching Methods Have Changed

I thought you might enjoy a look at how some things in education have changed over the past hundred years. Image source: www.topeducationdegrees.org Earnest Parenting: help for parents who are thinking about education.