Safety First: Make Sure Your House Is Kid Friendly With These 4 Tips

Most household accidents are avoidable, especially when they relate to children. Children have a habit of getting into everything, including areas that serve as a potential risk to their health, or near appliances or substances that can cause bodily harm. Prevention is the key to negating serious injury and even death. Following are four tips […]

How Safe are Kids in Your Home?

Parenting is a 24/7 job, but sometimes moms and dads of young children could use a lot of extra help keeping their babies safe. Just about every household necessity, from cleaning products to hot water, can pose a serious danger to children, even if you keep your little ones under constant watch. Here are some […]

Why Water is the Best Drink for Your Kids

In a world full of FD&C dyes, sugary drinks, sodas, cows’ milks, and nut milks, it’s nice to know your child has options. However, it may seem like a constant battle to find the best drink to promote healthy mental and physical development. Instead of agonizing over which manufacturer has the best product for your […]