Keeping Kids Safe In the Car & Out

As a parent, you know how important it is to keep your kids safe as they run, jump and skip through everyday life. You undoubtedly make sure that they wear helmets when they ride their bikes, knee pads when they’re cruising on their scooters and even have a first aid stash that would rival your […]

Safe Driving tips for New Parents

Baby on Board: A Guide to Transportation Safety for New Parents From baby-proofing your home, to choosing the right toys, the learning curve for new parents can be overwhelming. If you’re a new parent in the market for a car seat or new vehicle, you’re probably having trouble finding enough hours in the day to […]

Attorneys Needed to Study Child Abduction

The big news story locally this past weekend was that of a 2 year old girl who disappeared along with her father. After the Amber Alert went out, the father and his car were found, but not the little girl. He’s in custody, she’s not. Family is on the news begging for clues and help. […]

How to Use Parental Controls on Video Game Consoles

Editor’s note: please welcome Mary Ward to Earnest Parenting! I was very pleased that she chose to share this topic with us; it’s very important information for any family that has gaming systems in the home. Most of today‚Äôs parents are familiar with the video game rating system, which rates video games according to their […]