i And the Great Divide Helps Kids Deal With Divorce

It’s getting common here at Earnest Parenting to get requests from authors to review their book. I got another such request recently from Fiona McGlynn, the author of i And the Great Divide. Boy am I glad I got to read this book! It is truly wonderful, and I loved every bit of it. i […]

Li’l Lingo Storybooks Bring Rhyme, Smiles (Give Away!)

Li’l Lingo Can’t Rhyme Tuba is a children’s storybook about Li’l Lingo, a girl who loves adventure, music and rhyme. Also bicycles, guitars, and sports. Born from the imagination of author Jori Sams, Li’l Lingo delights both children and adults. The story is brightly illustrated and available in 2 editions: one is bi-lingual (Spanish and […]

Encourage Kids to Read with Stuart the Bug Eating Man

One of the bigger struggles of early parenting was getting the boys to read. They can do it just fine, but do not have a love of story the way I did growing up. It’s something I have decided not to worry about; I do think they’re missing out. But hey, everyone is wired differently, […]

Readsake Giveaway – We Have Winners!

I love giving people things. And even better? When a company contacts me and lets me give some of their stuff! I could do this all day, let me tell ya. Anywho. Ryan from Readsake contacted me recently to introduce me to the web site. Readsake is about making children’s books and coloring books. When […]