Thoughts on the Whole Homeschool vs Public School Debate

Longtime readers are certainly aware that I spent many years homeschooling all 4 boys, and then about 4 years ago the older ones began attending public school. To be precise, TechnoBoy went to 8th grade and then The Mercenary joined public school the following year. They’re both in 11th grade now and we agree that […]

Child Planning: 5 Decisions to Make Before You Have Your First

The decision to have a child is the biggest decision that a couple will make. Here are five important things to consider before you bring home your bundle of joy. Parenting Style An online search or bookstore shelf read will show you quickly how many different parenting styles are out there. Parenting, like relationships of […]

Rehearsing Wisdom

I rehearse situations in advance with my kids. Does that qualify me as a little batty? Never mind. Don’t answer that. Okay. So here’s what I do. Any time I notice that there’s an opportunity for the boys to make a bad decision, I outline briefly what the situation will be and ask them if […]