Building a Better Student: Pace Car

Over the summer I took a road trip, an experience that is as much a part of my DNA as my brown hair. A good portion of my youth was spent in the back seat of a Ford Galaxy 500 as my parents criss-crossed the country, and I’ve never outgrown my love of the road. […]

Building a Better Student: Dings

I merged onto the highway for the drive home, settled in with some good music, and all was right with the world . . . until a truck kicked up a large rock that smacked into my car, leaving a nasty star-shaped reminder of why we have windshields in the first place. Instead of rushing […]

Building A Better Student: 32 Tracks

A famous rock star allegedly claimed that 32-track recording was ridiculous because the average person can’t distinguish the sound of more than eight tracks. He was convinced that the rest were wasted. We generally live a life of overkill, and it begins quite early. We plead for the 64-count box of crayons, and wind up […]

Women’s Wages Aren’t as far From Men’s as You Might Think

I’m guessing this infographic will get a rise out of more than one person at first glance. Take some time to read on through though and I think you’ll see why I like it so much. The commonly held notion that women make less than men because of an underlying current of inequality and discrimination […]

Building a Better Student: Slow Death

(Most of the Building a Better Student columns are intended for parents and teachers, but this one was written for students. If there’s a young person in your sphere who could benefit from this, please share.) Imagine taking just one single puff from a cigarette and immediately falling over dead. If you knew that would […]

Five Things Parents Should be Teaching Their Kids about Education

Parents generally agree that education is important for their children’s success. It is more difficult to find agreement about how to teach children about the importance of education. What message do parents want to send to their children? Here are five things parents should be teaching their children about education: 1. Education leads to better […]