They Put Away the Laundry!

A big battle around here (for WAAAAAAYYYY) too long has been laundry. Essentially, I refused to do it anymore for the older boys several years ago. This is because when I entered their room every morning to get them up, I was wading through piles of clean (CLEAN!!) laundry that I had carefully washed and […]

Organising a Busy, Messy Home – 6 Sanity Saving Tips for Single Parents

Running a household is a stressful, full time job at the best of times– but when you’re running solo, it can make life and day-to-day activities especially challenging. As you’re a single parent, maintaining an organised home falls squarely on your shoulders. All the cooking and cleaning is up to you – and that doesn’t […]

Five Messes your Kids Might Make and How to Clean Them

Children are wonderful and curious little people. Loving and caring for them usually includes also cleaning up after them. There are some common messes that children will make, no matter how vigilant you are about keeping at eye on them. It is prudent to think and plan ahead about how to deal with the following […]

FFYF: Put Your Toys Away Edition

I could NOT resist this topic for my Fun For Your Friday submission this week. There was a bomb scare in Florida last September, and I forgot about it until just now. A stuffed toy horse was discovered just sitting out on the sidewalk (and apparently it had some wires and/or batteries that caused concern). […]

Parenting via Annoyance

I love my boys. Really! I do. But sheesh there are days they drive me nuts. The big issue of late is picking things up. In my fantasy world, they put toys and books and gum wrappers away as soon as they’re done. That? Major fantasy. So yesterday I tried out a new technique that […]

I Declared War Today

One of the perks of being the queen of this castle is the ability to declare war as necessary. Today, I declared war on the messes that the boys have been leaving. Last night after they’d gone to bed I spent a half-hour picking up enough stuff just to walk safely through the house without […]