Building a Better Student: Empathy

Have you ever watched a child struggle with a homework assignment or a school project? They sit at the table and grimace, one hand supporting their head while the other flips through a lesson that they don’t understand. Sometimes you get exasperated, and you want to say, “How can you not get this? It’s so […]

5 Tips Every Parent Needs to Teach their Growing Boys

It’s every parent’s dream to see their boys grow up to become productive members of society. Parents teach their children many life lessons about first impressions, responsibility, and morality. Discover how these five parenting tips can help your boys achieve lifelong success. Personal Appearance Teaching boys about the importance of first impressions will help them […]

Build Baby’s Confidence Through Sign Language

When children at an early age experience disappointment in communicating over and over again it significantly affects their confidence. We learn through patterns and repetition. When a child can’t effectively engage in either, it becomes frustrating for the child and the parent. The consequences usually end in the child avoiding social interaction, throwing tantrums, and […]