Monday Giveaway Linky – Hell’s Kitchen Edition

Heroes, it has been a moderately relaxing weekend. I like it! I’ve been watching early episodes of Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix, and have discovered the joy that is Gordon Ramsay. The man is hilarious! Of course, I wouldn’t think that if he was in my kitchen screaming at me. But on TV, that’s okay. I’m […]

Monday Giveaway Linky: Making Progress Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I’m excited that I managed to write a couple of times last week. Progress. It pleases me. I will continue to try and write more this week. It’ll be epic. In the meantime, please enjoy the lovely contests listed in the linky below. I hope you win! An InLinkz Link-up

Monday Giveaway Linky: Better Late than Never Edition

Whoops! Heroes, I was so busy getting ready for a Monday conference that I didn’t post the linky last night. I’m so sorry! There may be a few contests listed below (if so, please enter). Otherwise please check back next week and I’ll be sure to be on time. (I may even remember to schedule […]

Monday Giveaway Linky: A New Week Edition

So here we are at another Monday, Heroes. I didn’t manage to do the writing and publishing I wanted last week. Maybe this week I’ll get there. Shall we all cross our fingers and hope? In the meantime, please enjoy the linky. An InLinkz Link-up

Monday Giveaway Linky: Everything Takes Longer Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I haven’t managed to get the linky up for 2 weeks now, mainly because I’ve been buried in projects and kept missing the day. Everything I do takes much longer than I hope. It’s just how I roll. I thought I had encouraging news about my progress, then just spent several hours […]

Monday Give Away Linky: Late Learning Edition

Good morning, Heroes! I am late posting the linky today, in part because I’ve been plowing through a ton of educational materials that have been waiting far too long for my attention. It’s a time-consuming process; most of the information I already know, but there is usually one or two new concepts or ideas that […]