Essentials of Writing a Nanny Contract

Hiring a nanny is a serious undertaking that requires careful consideration and due diligence. A nanny must be very trustworthy, seeing as this person will be given the responsibility to care for your children. Once the right person is found, it is important that nothing disturb the relationship you’ve spent time cultivating. A contract’s purpose […]

Top Cell Phone Plans for the Entire Family

Editor’s note: When I received this article, I was a bit puzzled because I’d not heard of Bell. I am told that these plans are available in the US as well as in Canada (apologies to my overseas readers), which makes it an interesting company to research. Cell phone plans are so often crazy expensive! […]

Starz For Kidz Tracks, Rewards Progress

Anyone with young children knows the value of charts and stickers to help with achieving goals in life.  Kids just love to earn points or stickers towards rewards.  It’s a tremendously effective way to help them learn and maintain new habits. is a site devoted to goal achievement. When you register, you sign up […]