Manage Your Diet, Treat Yourself with Yacon Syrup

Heroes, as I’ve approached my mid-forties I’ve struggled more and more with diet and exercise. When I had my fantastic knee injury on the bunny hill skiing in 2010 I was at a weight and shape that made me happy. Since then, not so much. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations of calorie counting, exercise, […]

Family Fun: Five Ways to Encourage Learning Together as a Family

Children love to learn about anything and everything they can get their hands on. Whether their questions are about science, people, technology, art or animals, here are five fun ways you can get the whole family involved in their learning process. Visit the Great Outdoors Children of all ages enjoy being outside. Take a walk […]

The Easy Bake Oven Sure Has Changed Over the Years

Did you know that 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Easy Bake Oven? I wonder how many of us grew up playing with one. I never had one of my own, but I think my younger sister did. I purchased one for the older boys when they were very young, but it was hard […]

Send Your Kids to College With Cooking and Gardening Skills

Even in this high tech world of computers and innovation, some basic skills will go a long way towards helping your child succeed in college. For many parents, the time eventually comes when summer is not about camp for the kids, but is about making plans for college. You have raised them well and taught […]

Make a Shortbread House Your Children Will Love to Eat

Are you looking for fun cooking games? Why not try making a delicious, yet penny-wise, shortbread house with your kids? It’ll be a perfect opportunity for you to let your kids’ creativity flow – they’ll just love decorating the roof, door and windows of this shortbread house! Here is a quick and easy way to […]

4 Fun Meals to Get Children Excited About Healthy Eating

Getting children excited about healthy eating can be one of the hardest challenges for parents! Some children (no matter how hard you try) just don’t like healthy food and turn their noses up at even the freshest fruit and vegetables. There are some tricks to getting your children on board with healthy eating though – […]