“Just Because I Said So” Is a Valid Parenting Technique

Getting children to be obedient can be a tricky thing. I know this will ruffle some feathers, but there are times in life when I expect the boys to do something simply because I’ve asked. Period. Of course I try to share the logic behind my directions and requests as often as I can, but […]

I Just Want To Be On the Same Team

After spending a relaxing weekend away, you would think I’d come back all patient and have some stress-free time with the boys.  This especially because the younger boys are visiting Grandma (and doing school with her) this week. Nope. Today hasn’t been difficult because I haven’t asked them to do much.  We have a monthly […]

Cooperation Is Such a Joy

I’ve been a bit of a bummer lately I think, complaining about stress and a new school year and so on. So today?? Good news! I’m seeing some cooperation! We’re stopping for lunch shortly with almost everyone done with half their schoolwork. Several things have contributed to this happy state. I made them daily checklists. […]

A Little Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone

A theme I keep coming back to in this blog is the disconnect between my work ethic and the boys’. I am a workaholic. Plain and simple, I’d rather be pursuing a task than sitting still. The older I get, the more I want to be completing things. Don’t tell the boys, but I’ve been […]

They Don’t Speak My Language

We’ve had the dog for seven months now. She’s adorable and wonderful, but not completely housebroken. I think it has something to do with the fact that we’re constantly just taking her out instead of encouraging her to let us know she needs to go. Well. Hubby and I bug the boys to take her […]

Steps Toward Success in Homeschooling: The Schedule

Sooooo. To continue with improvements we’re trying to make around here let’s talk about item number two: the schedule. Up until 2 weeks ago the general plan was to wake up when we wake up in the morning, then roll with school after breakfast. The burden was on me to get the boys to get […]