Should You Put Baby in an Antique Crib?

It’s a family heirloom. Your great-grandmother slept in it, as did you grandmother, and mother. It’s been offered by your parents, and the look in their eyes suggests that they would be very hurt if you didn’t use it. The question you have to face is, “Is the crib safe for your baby?” Statistically, the […]

The Crib: A Safe Place Full of Hazards

(Editor’s note: Christine has important warnings for parents of infants who may get hurt in their crib. Thanks, Christine!) Cribs: A Safe Place Full of Hazards Of course, the title is a paradox. How can a safe place be full of hazards? Easy. Think about your home. Your house is your haven. Your place to […]

Parents Beware: Crib Sheets Can Be Deadly

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Alan with a serious warning for any new parents. Thanks Alan!) After waiting 9 months for baby to come do any parents want to chance an accident shortly after? Perish that thought! Leaving aside new parents, most other parents are well aware of the work that crib sheets perform 24/7 and […]