5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home’s Security

In a time when most homeowners are concerned with their family’s safety, creating a secure environment is an absolute must. For those people who are keeping an eye on their budget, there are 5 affordable ways to increase any home’s security. Lighting While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, it’s often the most overlooked. […]

Cyber Crime and Your Children: What You Need to Know

As a parent, it’s up to you to monitor your child’s computer activity. Cyber crime is a very real threat to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, location or economic status. Children today are more likely to commit cyber crimes thanks, in part, to the feeling of anonymity that the Internet provides. Whether your child […]

3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

My friend Sherry over at CityChicOnAFarm introduced me to the MckLinky Blog Hop last week. Ever been on a blog hop? Me neither! Let’s try it, shall we? The topic this week is 3 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids (I know…you didn’t see THAT coming at all, didja??). This sounded like a fantastic […]