Why Won’t My Baby Sleep? Cry From An Exhausted Mother

Your idyllic visions of motherhood bliss may come crashing down around you when you bring home a baby who is beset with congestion, colic or chronic crying. While every baby has “witching hours” and periods of fussiness or crying, nothing can compare to the parental distress that comes when colicky babies cannot be soothed and […]

Avoid Baby or Mommy Meltdowns While Traveling

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Colm with his suggestions to make traveling with baby easier. Thanks Colm!) Pack your patience! You hear this from so many sources that it can drive you a bit crazy. However no truer advice was given when it comes to planning a successful first trip with baby. This is the time […]

Nothing Like Weeping In the Night to Get My Attention

It’s 2:00 am and I can’t sleep yet; I’m too wound up. We’ve got company in the house, so I was up late cleaning the dishes and whatnot, then came to the computer to check email and was surprised to hear someone walking around in the night. Then I heard a door shut loudly, which […]

One of Those Days When You Think About Quitting

So. Today was not a good one. Remember when I wrote about the 3rd week of school being kinda bumpy?  But then I got all strict with the boys and they shaped up.  They’ve been deteriorating again.  This morning it took 2 hours to go through about 40 minutes worth of history, and another 2 […]