Get Your kids into the Mardi Gras Spirit by Helping Them Make Masks

Kids love parties, open-air celebrations, carnivals, and fairs, so it’s only natural for them to wait impatiently every year for the Mardi Gras celebration to begin. If you’re not familiar with the term, “mardi gras” means Fat Tuesday in English and it comes from French. In the US, the event is a big deal and […]

3 Ways to Teach Children about other Cultures through Art

It’s important for children to learn how to appreciate other cultures when they’re young, so they grow up without prejudices and accept others from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Because most children are drawn to art and colorful imagery, sometimes the best way to introduce children to new cultures is to show them the art […]

Use Holidays as Cultural Learning Tools for Your Kids

If you’ve ever wanted to introduce your children to other cultures, just about every holiday out there — including non-American holidays — give you the perfect opportunity to do so. Most children are under the impression that the holidays of their religion are celebrated in the same way all around the world. Until you tell […]