Quib.ly Cyber-Bullying Guide Shows Surprising Statistics

I was contacted recently by Jane, one of the members of the parenting blog Quib.ly about their cyber-bullying infographic that went up recently. The hope is that the Quibly guide will provide the foundation for other informed parents to lend their own thoughts about the subject. Interestingly, there is a significant overlap between children who […]

What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity for 2014

These days, kids and teens are online all the time. And that means that they’re more vulnerable to many online security issues that seem to be cropping up faster than they can be contained. In fact, cyber attacks and Internet safety matters have dominated news headlines in recent months, with reports of cyberbullying, compromised data, […]

Building a Better Student: The Digital Ever After

Here’s a tale of two mistakes, separated in time. Let’s start with Amanda, a bright, outgoing young woman, and a pretty good student with lots of friends. Most of her fellow middle school classmates are – like her – good kids, but occasionally they test boundaries. So does Amanda. It’s what kids do. This time, […]

Protect Your Child from Cyber Attack

(Editor’s note: please welcome Andrew’s guest post with some strategies we can all use to keep our kids safer. Thanks, Andrew!) Kids are the most curios people on earth. They can ask questions hundreds of times a day. As a way to satisfy their curiosity, they may do surprising things. Our generation now a days […]