Benefits of Parents Reading to Children (Beyond the Child’s Performance)

Benefits of parents reading to their children beyond the child’s performance Every parent would like to see their children grow up as smart individuals with a good dose of common sense. Your choice of school and education route will reflect how much you support your child and want them to have the best start in […]

Infographic Shows Children’s Developmental Milestones

I really liked how this infographic puts the developmental milestones of the first 5 years in one handy checklist. Please note that every child grows differently and these are simply guidelines. It is wise, though, to keep an eye on the averages this graphic shows. If your child is several months or more behind, consulting […]

Does Texting Hurt Kids’ Grammar Skills

I have to say, I don’t think we’ll truly know the answer to whether texting is harmful to grammar for a while yet. I’d say there is good reason to be concerned, but also reason for hope. JMHO. 🙂 Thanks to the good folks at for the infographic. Earnest Parenting: help for parents of […]

4 Toys That Will Make Your Kids Smarter

Gone are the days of simple toys that provided fun for just five minutes before the child would get bored and move on. Nowadays, toys can keep kids engaged for hours. Smart parenting however means that you buy your kids toys that not only allow the child to have fun but also teach them a […]

Build Baby’s Confidence Through Sign Language

When children at an early age experience disappointment in communicating over and over again it significantly affects their confidence. We learn through patterns and repetition. When a child can’t effectively engage in either, it becomes frustrating for the child and the parent. The consequences usually end in the child avoiding social interaction, throwing tantrums, and […]

Keep Track of Developmental Milestones With Easter Seals

The first five years of a child’s life are just FULL of developmental milestones. Most of us are familiar with the physical growth process; it’s easy to see if a child has learned to sit up or walk, for example. There are also social, language, and cognitive developments that should be monitored as well. Of […]