5 Tools Every Parent Could Use to Raise Better Children in 2014

There’s no arguing that it takes genuine, hard work to raise great children. There is no magic formula for how to be the perfect parent, but there are definitely tools and strategies that you can use to point them in the right direction for positive growth. These are five tools every parent can use to […]

Don’t Expect All Nannies to be Like Nanny 911

Surely, every parent has seen at least one episode of Supernanny or Nanny 911? It’s difficult to avoid television programmes like these ones, especially if you have children if your own. Other parents tend to discuss them in hushed tones and admiring voices. ‘Did you see how she transformed that brat of a four year […]

Building a Better Student: Props

I once lived near a kid who walked everywhere carrying his skateboard. It was a pretty snazzy board, too, with eye-popping colors and glistening wheels. I realized one day that I’d never seen him ride it. It dawned on me that I often saw kids carrying skateboards, never once climbing aboard and riding. The cool […]

How to be a Great Parent for Your Child

No doubt that the feeling of becoming a parent is one of a kind. It is a sweet sensation that can not merely be described in words. Before the arrival of children in your life it is all about you; there are your ambitions, your dreams, your desires, your likes and your dislikes. But when […]

Parents Should Avoid These 8 Mistakes

As parents, you probably already know that you’re not perfect. While you can do everything that you can to make your child happy, you have to realize that mistakes do happen. Instead of avoiding these mistakes and keep on doing them throughout life, it’s important to know the impact that some of these mistakes may […]

Teach Your Child Responsibility With Music

Whether or not your child has any artistic inclination at all, it’s never too early to introduce them to the magic of music. Giving your child the tools he or she needs to learn a musical instrument is a fun, affordable way to teach them a number of important skills they’ll use for the rest […]