5 Tips to Avoid GPS Distraction While Driving

Everyone knows about the dangers that come with texting while driving. But what about devices that are meant for the car? GPS systems are specifically designed for in-vehicle use, and yet, they present major hazards to the driver. According to a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, you’re three times as likely to get […]

Six Tips to Give Your Child About Driving

Editor’s note: This post could not be more timely, since here at Earnest Parenting we have 2 young men who are learning to drive. Eek. The time has come to put your child behind the wheel. Many youngsters today have experience driving a go-kart, golf cart, or some other type of vehicle, but the street […]

Example Matters: Teach Your Child About Safe Driving

Teaching your teenager to drive is an important part of parenting and a right of passage for both you and your child. But you don’t have to wait until they’re ready to get their learner’s permit to teach your child about safe driving. In fact, studies have shown that talking to your kids early, before […]