Monday Give Away Linky, Back on Track Edition

So, wow! Here I am getting this published in a timely fashion. Yay me! We’ve had an eventful weekend here, including 2 graduation parties for friends (yay) and a fight between the dogs that resulted in an emergency visit to the vet this morning (not yay). Jack Russell terriers can get into it every now […]

If You Get a Family Dog, Don’t Get a Pet Store Puppy

One month ago, we adopted our second puppy. Well. She’s actually an adult, but both dogs are pretty small, so I call them my puppies. Anyways. We got Keely as a puppy from a breeder because we hadn’t had a dog before, and I was nervous about handling a dog with a difficult past when […]

Fun For Your Friday

Sorry I’m a little late getting this one posted, but better late than never! Here’s my giggle for the day. This morning Keely (the puppy) was up at 5:30 with diarrhea, poor baby. And poor TechnoBoy and me, who were the lucky pair cleaning it up. After he’d taken her out, he let her snuggle […]

4 New Daddies

As promised, here she is: our new puppy. We drove to Ohio Monday and spent the night at a hotel with a water park. Very fun! Then Tuesday we went and got Keely and drove home. It was a fantastic trip, but exhausting. I didn’t even feel like eating anything until midday Thursday. The last […]