5 Things To Do To Get Your Teen Ready For Their Driver’s License

Helping your child get ready for their driving test can be nerve-wracking for the child and frustrating for the parent. On the one hand, the parent wants to be able to get the child ready for the test, and on the other hand, the child simply wants to get the test over with. Whether the […]

Winter Driving Tips for Parents of Teens

Well Heroes, it has been a winter so far this year, that’s for sure. Around here, the snow is piling up something awful. That makes for some dangerous driving conditions, especially for young drivers. Since we have 2 young drivers in the house, I was pleased to get the chance to interview some experts from […]

Seven Things Teenagers Take For Granted When They Get Their Driver’s License

Earning a driver’s license is a milestone for a teenager that represents a major step toward independence. After my teens got their first driver’s license, they were eager to take over the keys and drive all over town to visit their friends. However, I quickly discovered that there were some things teenagers simply take for […]

5 Lessons Every New Driver Needs to Learn Before Getting Behind the Wheel

Earning a driver’s license is a significant milestone for a teenager that offers them the opportunity to move one step closer to independence. While every teenager is eager to get behind the wheel and start driving, there are a few things they should know before they are handed a set of keys. Here are five […]

Sweet Sixteen: 5 Precautions Before Letting Them Get Behind the Wheel

Turning 16 is an exciting time for any teenager, especially one who has just learned how to drive. There are a few precautions you can take to ensure that you are protecting both your child and your property. 1. Practice makes perfect The more you drive with your child, the more comfortable he or she […]

Lower Your Teen’s Car Insurance

Teenagers and cars. A blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can hand some of the driving responsibilities over to your children. On the other hand, you may need to pay an insanely high car insurance premium due to the fact that teenagers are notoriously bad drivers due to inexperience and/or recklessness. Fear […]