Confrontation With a Teen: Inevitable Results Edition

All right Heroes, I promised long ago to be more forthcoming about teens. Then I felt guilty for potential privacy violations, so I held my tongue. After two blow-ups in less than a day, I’m ready to talk. Because wow. So! Here is the issue from last evening. I was requested to drive a boy […]

Driving Tips to Beat Winter Weather

It’s nerve-wracking enough having your teenager driving out on the road independently. But when harsh winter weather rolls around, it’s even scarier letting your teen get behind the wheel. Have them follow these tips to stay safe out there this season. Tip #1: Reduce Your Speed Because icy roads are slippery, and snow-covered roads are […]

When Your Teen Driver Is Ready for a First Car: A Get-Started Guide

It is hard to imagine, but the little baby you once showered with kisses is about to get behind the wheel of her first car. Where has the time gone? She is ready; you, not so much. The good news is, at least you can make sure the vehicle is safe and steadfast. Buying that […]

Seven Things Teenagers Take For Granted When They Get Their Driver’s License

Earning a driver’s license is a milestone for a teenager that represents a major step toward independence. After my teens got their first driver’s license, they were eager to take over the keys and drive all over town to visit their friends. However, I quickly discovered that there were some things teenagers simply take for […]

Keep Your Teen Driver Safe: Teach Them to Check Their Tires

Editor’s note: ingenie, the company referred to in the video is an insurance provider licensed in England and Wales. Even though they aren’t available to us in other countries (sob), what they have to teach teens about tire safety is important. The laws referenced are also specific to UK drivers, but the safety precautions are […]

New Behind The Wheel? 5 Driving Tips To Help You Get Your License

Obtaining your driver’s license is a step that is necessary in order to easily get around. In the busy world we live in today, relying on taxi service and other expensive modes of transportation is unreasonable. There are five simple tips to employ to help you get your license. 1. Functionality If you are required […]