4 Warning Signs That Your Teen Might Be Going Off the Straight and Narrow

What causes a teenager to give in to peer pressure or make poor choices that could potentially ruin their future? Is your teen headed toward a similar fate? Here are four key warning signs that your teenager could be headed in the wrong direction: 1. Isolation from the Rest of the Family If your once […]

AwarXe Reminds that National Drug Take-Back Day is April 26

How many of us are guilty of having old, half-full prescription medicine bottles deep in a cabinet? Yep. Me too. Even though I’ve worked on clearing out old unused meds from the cabinet, I still have some in there. A couple of prescriptions that didn’t get finished, one or two that were changed, and blam. […]

Parenting Alert! Krokodil is a Killer Drug

Heroes, have you heard of Krokodil? This is a newer drug making the rounds. It was invented in America, but perfected in Russia and has returned. Perfected. Well, I don’t know that that’s exactly the best word, because this drug is AWFUL. A toxic mix of codeine, iodine, and red phosphorus, this drug produces a […]

Separating Talent from Behavior

My father was a career military man who lived and preached discipline. It’s tough when you’re a kid – especially when your friends are running around wild – but you really appreciate it once you become an adult. One of the most important lessons I learned from my dad didn’t sink in until many years […]

Parents Beware: Understand Academic Doping and Protect Your Children

So, it turns out that young people are abusing the prescription drug Adderall to help themselves manage the workload in school. I had no idea! The dangers are real, as the infographic below will show you. One of the scariest parts for me as a mom is the fact that abusing prescription drugs isn’t necessarily […]