I’ve Been Teaching Again!

Heroes, I’ve been doing something really neat for the last several months: teaching again! Specifically, I’m working for a company called VIPKID. I teach Chinese children how to speak English. Do I speak Chinese myself? Nope. Not yet. I’m going to start learning Mandarin shortly though. (I have plans.) Because VIPKID is an immersion program, […]

Moms Can Supplement Income With Mystery Shopping

I’ve been mystery shopping since I was 16 years old and to date, I’ve done more than 5,000 mystery shops! I’ve mystery shopped local grocery stores, an Ikea, fast food establishments, restaurants, and liquor stores. I’ve even been asked to pretend like I’m shopping for a car – took a test drive and everything, plus […]

Women’s Wages Aren’t as far From Men’s as You Might Think

I’m guessing this infographic will get a rise out of more than one person at first glance. Take some time to read on through though and I think you’ll see why I like it so much. The commonly held notion that women make less than men because of an underlying current of inequality and discrimination […]

Moms: What is Your Time Worth?

We’ve all heard estimates of what Moms would earn if they added up all the work they do for the family. Here’s an infographic with some updated figures, as well as a survey on what moms think about their own worth. This infographic was created by Credit Card Insider, your trusted credit resource, providing plain-language […]

Save (and Earn) Money with Coupon Chief

I am a big fan of coupons, and have posted here before about my use of the Savings Angel program. It saves me so much money! When I shop online for goods other than groceries, I usually stop and do a quick search for a coupon code before I check out. That has saved me […]