There’s A Class for That: Parenting 101

Often times, the most important things don’t come with instruction manuals: buying your first house, raising children, correcting your boss. In the age of the Internet, there are endless resources, countless voices, and infinite opinions who are ready to pitch their two cents in on how you go about your life. While that may be […]

Beyond Bath Time by Erin Davis is a Great Parenting Help

I just finished reading my complimentary copy of Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role by Erin Davis, and I have to say I’m terribly impressed. Do you know a mom who feels like she’s a second class citizen because she’s not out pursuing a career? Do you know a mom who’s angry […]

Feeling Overwhelmed?
Just Keep Pressing On

So yeah, 2011 has been a…very full year. The summer in particular was just brutal, I’d have to say. See, Hubby and I decided in May that we need to put the house on the market and see what God does with that. Basically, if the house sells in this economy in our rather out-of-the-way […]

The A B C’s for Parenting

Hello, friends! We have a lovely article today from Debbie Bills. Debbie writes about happiness over at her blog, HappyMaker Now. Do make her feel welcome*, won’t you? A is for ATTITUDE: Teach those little ones to have a good attitude and they clearly will grow up to be positive people. B is for BALANCE: […]

HIP, 3rd Edition

You didn’t think I’d abandoned the HIP project, did you? Of course not! I love all things HIP. I just have been a little, ummmmm, unfocused of late. But! Better now, and happy to be working on my latest HIP list. Also. I’ve been thinking about how to continually feature HIP awardees here on the […]

HIP, Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the first ever HIP (Heroes In Parenting) awards! This project is all about finding and recognizing parents who are doing great things-big and small. With so much bad news swirling around us every day, it’s easy to get discouraged and start feeling like the world is a hopeless place. Not so! Read on, […]