Monday Giveaway Linky: Everything Takes Longer Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I haven’t managed to get the linky up for 2 weeks now, mainly because I’ve been buried in projects and kept missing the day. Everything I do takes much longer than I hope. It’s just how I roll. I thought I had encouraging news about my progress, then just spent several hours […]

Monday Giveaway Linky – Get ‘Er Done Edition

Happy Late Sunday night, Heroes! After having a fairly restful week with spring break, I got quite a lot of work done this weekend and am feeling encouraged. Of course, there is a lot more I need to do (which is why I’m up in the middle of the night working now) but I have […]

Monday Giveaway Linky: Blowing Up Websites Edition

Good Super Early Monday, Heroes. I have been on a path of death and destruction….with regard to websites at least. Ugh. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to completely destroy a site! Fortunately I’ve got a request in for help and I’m hoping for some mercy. And tomorrow is a new day. One in […]

Monday Giveaway Linky: Back on the Job Edition

So last week I missed the linky entirely. This was due in part to a series of events that culminated in a round-the-clock effort to clear viruses off of my computer. For about 3 days. This, was not fun. So I’ve decided to just swing back into action and try to ignore the carnage of […]

Monday Give Away Linky: Late Learning Edition

Good morning, Heroes! I am late posting the linky today, in part because I’ve been plowing through a ton of educational materials that have been waiting far too long for my attention. It’s a time-consuming process; most of the information I already know, but there is usually one or two new concepts or ideas that […]

Monday Giveaway Linky: Heavy Discussions Edition

Heroes, there are times in life when young people can cause SUCH deep discussions. Oy. Both this weekend and the last one saw me getting embroiled in drama. I’m not wildly fond of drama. So thankfully, it’s Monday and we can get back to the normal stuff. Right? Don’t answer that. An InLinkz Link-up