6 Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Budget

A fast way to lose your mind is keeping your kids cooped-up in the house, with nothing but the TV to entertain them. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can take the kids out or get resourceful at home, so that everyone is happy, including you. In good weather and in bad, here […]

Keep Children Engaged at Birthday Parties

One of the biggest challenges of a children’s birthday party is maintaining a good level of engagement amongst the partygoers. Most children’s attention will wander at some time during a party, meaning that you have to set up activities and food in such a way as to keep them from being too distracted. Achieving this […]

Uproot Your Kids from Boredom with a Holiday Garden Project

With the kids out of school for a couple weeks near the end of December, you may start to see symptoms of JCF (Juvenile Cabin Fever) manifest themselves in your living room. While you certainly can’t provide entertainment every second of the day (you’re their parents, after all, not Mary Poppins), you may find that […]