Building a Better Student: Concentration and Attitude

For years we’ve been told that the best thing we could do for our kids before sending them off to school was to feed them breakfast. Breakfast, it was said, boosted their brain function and gave them a running start in their education. Now it looks as if we should’ve taken the running start idea […]

Take Your Personal Trainer Everywhere – 7 Reasons to Consider Fitness Apps

Have you noticed the growing trend in 24-hour health clubs?  I receive advertisements for a 24-hour gym in my neighborhood frequently, and their prices are pretty reasonable, too.  Having worked for a health club I know it’s not easy keeping personal trainers there for 10 hours a day, let alone having a 24-hour staff, so […]

Successful Weight Loss After Pregnancy

You have delivered a baby and surely there might be something running into your mind and I guess this is surely the tips to lose the weight as fast as possible. Before we proceed to write some tips regarding some weight loss then I would like to know some credentials from your side First of […]

Helpful Fitness Tips for Your Teenagers

Maintaining fitness levels in your teenage children is extremely important. Obesity is on a rise like never before. It is easier to combat and prevent obesity if a proper fitness regimen, and a pro- fitness attitude is established early on. But convincing your teens to embark on a fitness routine can be a tough job, […]

Motivate Your Kids to Stay Active with Len Saunders’ Books

I hadn’t heard of Len Saunders before getting to read two of his books, but it turns out he’s been fighting childhood obesity for some time. The creator of Project ACES (an event in which millions of schoolchildren exercise simultaneously in May each year), Len has won awards and accolades galore. I was able to […]

Children and Exercise:
Turning those Stats and Figures into Fun

It’s something we’re made aware of every day. Whether it be the lady on the morning chat show that kindly reminds you of what should be going in your child’s lunch box, an alarming bulletin while you’re browsing the internet – making you feel guilty about what you actually put in your child’s lunch box, […]