Avoid Break-ins by Being Cautious on Social Media

It’s a naïve tendency, really. People assume that because they’re happy and getting ready to experience something wonderful and new that it’s always best to tell anyone and everyone who will listen. This includes going on vacation. You post to your Facebook about your intent to leave. You post “updates” of when you leave the […]

A Parent’s Guide to Kids and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter remain the social media heavyweight champions. Despite their age restrictions, children as young as 8 or 9 frequently have accounts on both sites. Today’s children are growing up with social media and an era of unprecedented online sharing. There are both advantages and drawbacks to this. Studies have shown that social networks […]

Safe Photo Sharing

Hi Heroes! The Video of the Day has returned! Sorry about the long delay, we were having technical difficulties. They seem to be fixed now, yay! And soon, Earnest Parenting will have a dedicated video channel up and running. I’m so excited! What is a safe way for you and your family to share photos […]