Underachievement Can Be SO Frustrating

So. I haven’t written here in…years. This is because of 2 reasons. One is administrative. Google didn’t like the way I had links structured and they de-listed the blog until I fixed it. Going through a thousand posts and fixing links? Not really fun. It took a good deal of the wind out of the […]

FFYF: Pathetic Threat Edition

Welcome again to Friday, Internets!  If you’re new here and visiting from Ultimate Blog Party 2010, this is my weekly blog carnival Fun For Your Friday.  Feel free to join in soon!  FFYF is all about sharing a smile to make the last day of the work week go a little faster (and perhaps keep […]

Am I a Failure as a Homeschooler?

I’ve had the “add new post” window open on my laptop for two days now. I stare at the blank screen, unsure of what to type exactly. I want to tell you about our latest homeschooling…..mess. But it’s messy. I don’t even know how this is all going to turn out, and I’m not sure […]