5 Important Steps to Take Before Buying a Home

Purchasing a new home is often an exciting time and is an accomplishment that can prove as a wise investment. Before making a purchase, there are several important steps to consider and complete to ensure a successful transaction that works to your advantage. Improve Credit When applying for a loan, lenders will take a close […]

Important Ways to Cut Your Monthly Budget

The basics of your family budget might have changed in recent years. Families of all shapes and sizes have face unprecedented money struggles as the economy continues to slowly recover from recession. You may have already tried trimming grocery lists, cutting back on outings, and even reducing the amount you drive every month. But what […]

Making a Budget: How to Plan One Your Family Can Actually Stick To

Agreeing to make a budget is easy enough, but what about when it comes to sticking to the plan you made? It’s one area where unfortunately many falter, especially if they make the plan as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Excitement sets in, but once the reality of it comes into play, it’s easy […]

Save the Family Budget This Year: Try Free Samples

One of the super awesome things about having a blog is all the people who write in and share wonderful resources. I have been woefully behind on posting some of this, so expect some regular updates from here on out. (No, that is not a new year’s resolution. If I did that, then I’d break […]

Putting Together A Family Budget

Whether financial times are tough or not, developing a family budget is a great way to plan where your money will go and decrease the chance that you’ll dig yourself into a hole of debt. When you have a budget, you’ve thought out in advance where you’ll need to spend money each month, and you’ll […]

In Tough Times, Don’t Forget Family Fun

With today’s tough economy, a lot of parents are finding that they have to pare back the expenses. Since vacations are considered a luxury (and are expensive!), they are among the first to be put off until later. But family time together is important time. Getting out of the house and off of Facebook, Twitter […]