4 Ways to Spend a Long Weekend With Your Kids

The weekend’s quickly approaching, and as usual, the kids are bouncing with excitement. This time, though, they’re also giddy over the coming Labor Day — or perhaps Columbus Day, or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, depending on the time of year. Whatever the cause, you’ve got three or four days off instead of the usual […]

Karate Chop Photos

Ahem. Not Karate, exactly. Actually the boys (and Hubby) have begun taking Tae Kwon Do classes. But “Tae Kwon Do Chop” just didn’t sound right for a post title so there you have it. Anyhow. Hubby has been practicing with the boys and I took a bunch of photos and then I wrote about their […]

Family Builders: Bowling

Up next in the Family Builders series: Bowling. This is a sport that gets you up and moving a bit without excessive strain. Cheering each player on while encouraging them to improve their game helps with sportsmanship and strengthens children’s sense of the family being part of a team. Bowling is an activity that all […]