Family: Being There for One Another

I was thinking about something the other day about my kids and all the mistakes I made when they were young. They never said a word; they just kept on loving me even though I was not perfect. Children have that ability built right in for unconditional love whereas sometimes we as adults lose that […]

How to Keep Your Family Functioning During a Divorce

Divorce is like an unexpected flood that flows through a house and leaves destruction in its wake. While divorce divides a family, it’s up to parents to keep their family functioning in the midst of the upheaval. Because parents are dealing with their own emotional issues during a divorce, they might not realize the impact […]

Family Fun: 6 tips for Planning a Successful Family Reunion

Have you ever wanted to plan a family reunion but weren’t quite sure how? Or maybe you somehow ended up in charge of the next reunion for your family. Whether you have a small family or dozens who you don’t see on a regular basis, planning a reunion takes time and patience. An event like […]

Five Ways to Use Technology to Stay in Contact With Family

One of the main benefits of technology is that it has allowed people to stay in touch. The Internet, cell phones and computers all make instant communication possible from anywhere in the world. Families should take advantage of this modern technology. We no longer have to wait days or weeks to send and return letters, […]

3 Things To Help Kids Get Along

Hulloooooooo, Internets! Have you missed me? I’ve missed you! The last week and a half have been a bit all-consuming, but I’m getting caught up now and hope to get back to my regularly scheduled activities soon. 🙂 So. I asked you about how well your kiddos get along with each other. Many thanks to […]

Ties That Bind Us

I washed the younger boys’ bedding yesterday, and didn’t get their quilts dry in time for bed so I went digging in their closet for a substitute. My hand fell on two blankets that had been crocheted by Hubby’s paternal grandmother long ago so I grabbed the top one and spread it over The Manager. […]