FFYF: Holiday Weekend 2010 Edition

Happy almost 4th of July, Internets! It’s a beautiful weekend here in the land of Earnest Parenting, we’re looking at sunny days and time with family celebrating America’s birthday. My smile for this Fun For Your Friday is this: a special thank you to all the soldiers and veterans out there giving so much to […]

FFYF: Bendy Knee Edition

Good Friday, Internets! Welcome to our Bendy Knee Edition of Fun For Your Friday. I say Bendy Knee because that’s exactly what I’ve been working on lately. Yup, the Knee that Will Not Bend is beginning to cooperate! I dodged a bullet this week when some medical professionals recommended that I undergo something called a […]

FFYF: What? Nothing Edition

Hubby walked into the basement yesterday, leaned down and whispered in my ear: “Call The Mercenary and when he says ‘yes’, you say ‘nothing’.” I have to admit, Internets, that I found this very confusing.  Was I to say nothing?   Or to say “Nothing”?   Soooooo, I said, “Hey Mercenary.” He said, “What?” I said, “Nothing.” […]

FFYF: Upside Down Homeschool Edition

Welcome again to Friday, Internets! I’m still here, plugging along after 3 straight days of physical therapy. And may I say…ouch? As well as….this isn’t really fun? One of my assignments is to try and bend the Knee That Will Not Bend by strapping on an ankle weight and letting gravity help me along. I […]

FFYF: Cute Boy With Puppy Edition

Hullo Friends! I’ve shared several fun stories over the last several Fun For Your Friday editions, and realized yesterday that it’s time for a picture. This one makes me smile, so I though you’d like it too. Don’t you think TechnoBoy is just adorable with the puppy? This shot was taken late last summer after […]

FFYF: New Baby Edition

So, a friend of mine called this week, all excited because her daughter was on her way into the hospital to give birth to the family’s very first grandchild. The boys heard me take the call, so they knew what was going on. Some time later I discovered the trick to setting a default word […]