Love is Not a Feeling

So Monday nights are Scout nights. We’ve been participating in Scouts (Cubs first, then Boy) since the older guys were in second grade. That would be….11 years now. It has almost always been a struggle to get them to participate. I know that some people are asking: Well then, why would you push it? Because […]

Monday Give Away Linky, Back on Track Edition

So, wow! Here I am getting this published in a timely fashion. Yay me! We’ve had an eventful weekend here, including 2 graduation parties for friends (yay) and a fight between the dogs that resulted in an emergency visit to the vet this morning (not yay). Jack Russell terriers can get into it every now […]

Working Through Difficulty: Five Ways to Help Your Children Through a Divorce

More than half the marriages in the United States end in divorce. This process is even more difficult when there are children involved. Here are some things that should think about when determining custody. Don’t let emotions take over Divorce can be an emotional roller coaster. Don’t let those feelings get in the way of […]

Muay Thai Training – Defend Yourself from Sudden Attacks

Heroes, you might know that reports of assault and rape are increasing all the time. This problem isn’t limited to one country; all over the world attacks and rapes are reported. Even more frightening are the gang rapes that are being reported in the news. How then do we keep our girls safe? I strongly […]

Help Your Kids Beat the Bedtime Blues

(Editor’s note: Lima shares some night-time sanity-saving strategies. Thanks Lima!) Bed-time can be battle-time for many parents. Settling your children down with a nice bedtime story seems a simple enough idea in principle. But when your child has dragged themselves into the living room for the umpteenth time, insisting they don’t feel tired, and can […]

Anger Issues

I’ve mentioned before that Captain Earthquake has difficulty controlling his temper. If he gets angry, he routinely lets himself get swept away in the emotion. Lately, if he gets angry in the morning, we can expect him to stay that way for hours. Now, I happen to be an expert in angry. In my heyday, […]