Keep Your Family Financially Stable: A Trifecta of Tips

Finance is a complex topic that has a unique definition to each family across America. People of all shapes, sizes and ages do anything they can to set themselves and their families up for stability in the bank account. While some have an easier time accomplishing this tall task, single parents are dealt a short […]

Family Budget Thoughts: What America Buys and Sells

The New Year often finds Hubby and I looking over the budget and making plans for the year. Do you have a family budget? I know it’s difficult to think about; we haven’t been very formal about a budget for too long. The thing is, having one can be the difference between a healthy savings […]

Parents and Teens: How to Compromise on Where to go to College

If your child is interested in going to college, and you are footing the bill, there are a few rules that must be established before any applications are filled out and sent off. Unless you have all the money in the world to spend, compromise is very important when it comes to paying for your […]

Four Tips to Deal With the Financial Issues of Adult Children

In the US, children are not given basic financial education in the school. Therefore, they fail to exercise financial discipline and end up incurring overwhelming debt. So the parents of the adult children should inculcate good spending habit as it’ll help you avoid getting into the trap of debt. Here are the following points that […]

Playing With Money
How a Simple Game of Shop Could Help Your Child’s Financial Awareness

Play. I think we all remember the excitement and thrill that came from even the most basic recreational activities as a child. But what many parents do not acknowledge is the many benefits that play can have on our child besides just being fun. It has been widely proven that play helps to stimulate children’s […]