Just Desserts: How Parents Can Keep Kids’ Diets Well-Rounded

Healthy eating is necessary to sustain human life. As adults, we know this, and we try to teach this to our kids. But kids, as we all know, are drawn to unhealthy foods–they’re just more honest about the temptation than adults often are. Some kids may be finicky, or have specific dietary needs. No matter […]

CommonGround Farming Experts Answer My Food Questions

Good Sunday, Heroes! I recently was asked to interview two experts from CommonGround, a website devoted to conversations about farming and food. This is a little different from the other interviews I’ve done recently; because of scheduling issues I sent in my questions and an interviewer asked them for me. It all worked out though. […]

A Healthy Diet for Toddlers While Transitioning to the Table is Doable…Honest

Toddlers. They can be a fearsome thing some days, especially when you get into the whole “eating” thing. One day they only want to have waffles, the next day they only want to have…waffles. I remember when my sister was expecting her youngest child, she said on more than one occasion that the baby stage […]

The Time is Right for a School Lunch Makeover

Nationally, one of the conversations taking place revolves around school lunches. The good folks at InsuranceQuotes.org sent over this infographic, comparing US meals to those of other countries. It’s very interesting! Earnest Parenting: help for parents who are concerned about the content of school lunches.

I’m Going to Try Some eFoods!

Have you ever thought about what you’d do in a crisis? Since the boys are all in Scouts, being prepared is rather a big deal around here. I try to keep up with the groceries and make sure we’re well supplied, but with 4 hungry boys that’s not always easy. They eat everything! There are […]

Kid-Approved Snack for the Food Conscious Parent

I was contacted last month by the good people at Kitchen Table Bakers, and they suggested I taste test their All-Natural Gourmet Cheese crisps. So I did. And Oh. My. Goodness. I love these things! The cheese crisp is like a cracker, but made entirely of cheese. It’s high in protein, but low in calories […]