When Saving Money Isn’t Beneficial

Arlene Chandler is a freelance writer who enjoys escaping to the outdoors in her free time. She currently writes about finance and career advice for Suncorp Life Insurance. When Saving Money Isn’t Beneficial If you’re like most folks, frugality has been instilled in you since the beginning. From bargain shopping at the grocery store to […]

Budget Birthdays: Fun Without the Spend

(Editor’s note: today’s guest post is courtesy of Wozniacki, with some excellent insights on birthday expenses that can be cut without detracting from the celebration.) The basics of budgeting are simple enough. It’s just a matter of working out your essential spends, looking at the money you have coming in, and then trying to make […]

3 Ideas for Spring Break Fun

(Editor’s note: today we have some suggestions from Anna at Kumon.com for ways to make spring break special this year. Thanks Anna!) Special Spring Break Ideas Spring break offers the last extended break for children before summer begins. This year, think about different ways to celebrate this time off from school with a special trip, […]