Nurture a Passion for Animal Conservation in Your Child

Most kids have never seen a wild elephant, giraffe, panda, or other endangered animal. This makes teaching them about endangered animals difficult. If you have ever tried to explain the horrors of poaching and habitat destruction to your children, you may have been met with blank stares. Most kids live in the moment. They need […]

Kumon Supports Reading Is Fundamental

Kumon, the after-school math and reading program, is supporting RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) in March. Kumon has pledged to give at least $50,000. Isn’t that great? Additionally, for every new student who enrolls with Kumon, 4 books will be donated to RIF (approximately a $10 value). It’s possible to raise that figure to $75,000. According […]

3 Fun School Fundraising Ideas

As a proactive parent or teacher, you will undoubtedly be involved with the fundraising activities that go on throughout the school year. Many schools rely heavily on fundraising activities in order to purchase important equipment that enhances school life for many children. If you are seeking new ways to raise awareness and crucial funding for […]

Fresh Air Clear Vision

Sara from The Fresh Air Fund contacted me last month to tell me about a wonderful gift given to children who participated in Fresh Air camps this past summer. OneSight brought a traveling optical clinic to the camps and made sure that over 3000 children who needed the gift of sight were screened. Is that […]