FFYF: Uhh, Uhh, Edition

Happy Friday, Heroes! Today I bring you the brilliance of Captain Earthquake. See, the Captain doesn’t like to shop. And by “shop” I mean entering any store, even ones that stock frivolous items such as food. He’s always hated stores. I have no idea why. Thankfully, he has managed to improve his attitude to the […]

FFYF: Staring Guinea Pig Edition

Each of the younger boys got his very own Guinea Pig last evening. They’re going to learn all about their new pets and show them at the fair this summer. Very exciting! It was especially dramatic because up until midday yesterday, the plan was only for Captain Earthquake to get an animal. The Manager had […]

Fun For Your Friday: Pigeon Impossible

Welcome to Friday, Internets! Are you having fun yet? We’re actually having a reasonable day here…2 boys are visiting grandparents and it’s amazing how much easier life is when you’re only dealing with one age group. Anyhow. Hubby’s brother-in-law sent a link to a hilarious YouTube video yesterday and I just know you’ll enjoy it. […]

Fond Family Memories

A friend said something recently that got me thinking about funny things my dad does. He’s a big tree fanatic, and I mean big. In 1976 he and my mother planted one thousand blue spruce seedlings. Sadly 500 of them got mowed under by a farmer who was, uhhhh, not completely sober. The other half […]