Monday Giveaway Linky – Oh, The Aching Muscles Edition

I don’t know if I mentioned here last week that we’re renovating a bathroom here at Earnest Parenting. And by “renovating” I mean: removing all fixtures, every scrap of drywall and flooring, and starting from scratch. The demo part of the job started out like gangbusters. We were making great progress. The boys really enjoyed […]

Monday Give Away Linky, Grumpy Mom Edition

Hello, Heroes. It’s Monday. Time for another giveaway linky. Normally, this thought pleases me a great deal. And probably, I’ll be pleased about it later. However, today…I am grumpy. Moms are allowed to be grumpy sometimes, especially when life (and boys) won’t cooperate. Would you do me a favor? Enjoy the giveaway linky on my […]

Give Away Linky: I Remembered Edition!

Oh, my goodness. It was at least Tuesday of last week before I even remembered that I had a giveaway linky on this site. Then I realized that I hadn’t published it. Oops! So sorry. There was lots going on, and with a schedule change at the end of school, I just got all discombobulated […]


Well it’s official. I’ve been coughing up lungs due to a slight case of pneumonia. I knew asthma was giving me a hard time, but the pneumonia diagnosis was a bit of a surprise. Thankfully the doc gave me a breathing treatment and I am already SO much better! That oxygen is handy stuff. Do […]