Kids, Glasses, and Guilt Galore

Every parent wants everything to be better for their children. This is especially true when it comes to anything concerning health. Eyeglasses have been a form of correcting vision for hundreds of years. So, the idea of wearing them is nothing new. Yet, as a parent all kinds of concerns pop into your head when […]

How To Buy Eye Glasses for Kids Online

(Today’s guest post is provided by Patricia Campbell. I’ve never purchased eye glasses for my boys, but we’re getting eye exams soon so this is timely information. Thanks, Patricia!) Children may be prescribed glasses for far-sightedness, near-sightedness or other problems. You can seek the advice of an optician before buying eye glasses for kids. By […]

Fresh Air Clear Vision

Sara from The Fresh Air Fund contacted me last month to tell me about a wonderful gift given to children who participated in Fresh Air camps this past summer. OneSight brought a traveling optical clinic to the camps and made sure that over 3000 children who needed the gift of sight were screened. Is that […]

Are Contact Lenses Safe for Children?

Nowadays, the wearing of glasses do not appear, on the surface, to have much stigma attached to it. The vast array of colorful, trendy, glamorous frames can even make some children welcome the prospect. Times have changed since, for example, the 1970’s where the only choices were black or brown. There have also been scientific […]