Starz For Kidz Tracks, Rewards Progress

Anyone with young children knows the value of charts and stickers to help with achieving goals in life.  Kids just love to earn points or stickers towards rewards.  It’s a tremendously effective way to help them learn and maintain new habits. is a site devoted to goal achievement. When you register, you sign up […]

Parenting Link Roundup: Health and Fitness Edition

Welcome to the January 25, 2013 edition of parenting link roundup. Alaina Moore presents How to Talk to Kids About Tragedy Without Saying Too Much posted at, saying, “When tragedies occur, especially those involving children, they garner an immense amount of attention from the media and spark discussions that could easily be overheard by […]

3 Habits to Embrace for a Healthy and Happy Family

With obesity and diabetes continuing to plague our society, initiating a healthy lifestyle at a young age has become even more pertinent for families today. Health awareness and healthy living is essential to the posterity of our society and the happiness of our families. While all families are unique, having their own traditions, routines, and […]