Strong Bones: Ideas for Teaching Your Kids Good Health Habits

Your kids’ bones are still growing, so establishing healthy bone habits now is essential. During these formative years, bad habits can set your kids up for problems later on. However, getting your kids to exercise and eat enough calcium, is easier said than done. Here are some tips for instilling healthy habits in your kids. […]

3 Habits to Embrace for a Healthy and Happy Family

With obesity and diabetes continuing to plague our society, initiating a healthy lifestyle at a young age has become even more pertinent for families today. Health awareness and healthy living is essential to the posterity of our society and the happiness of our families. While all families are unique, having their own traditions, routines, and […]

Teach Kids to WANT to Eat Good Food

(Editor’s note: please welcome Elaine’s advice on getting kids to eat healthier. Thanks Elaine!) With obesity on the rise, it’s more important than ever to teach your children the steps needed for living a healthy lifestyle. Many parents try to do this by forcing children to try new foods. This is a common mistake that […]