I Sent My Kids to School Today

Heroes, today is an auspicious day. After 17 years of having children at home with me, 12 of which I was responsible for their schooling, I sent the younger two off to 8th grade at the local middle school this morning. I’ve already been asked how I feel about this development. To be honest, I’m […]

Parenting Tips for Transitioning Teens into Adulthood

Parents of Teens Need to Simultaneously Hold On and Let Go There are many reasons why the teenage years are so difficult for both kids and parents. Raging hormones encourage teens to do things that often don’t make sense or seem to go against their character. Developed (but not completely developed!) minds mean that teens […]

6 Overlooked Parenting Milestones that Really Matter

First Steps. First Words. First Kiss. Graduation. It’s always important to see that your son or daughter learns more about the world around them and becomes a successful adult. That’s why getting a license or their first job are so important. These developments do matter, but look at a few of the unsung heroes in the […]

4 Habits to Help Children Become Independent

To help your child succeed in life it is important to look at the big picture. It might be easier to remove everyday obstacles to make them happier in the moment, but learning habits that will benefit them into adulthood are more beneficial in the long run. Here are four ways to encourage your child […]

TechnoBoy Goes to School

So. Being that I’m the parent of two 13-year-olds, we’ve been experiencing a lot of teen angst around here. Usually every summer follows a similar pattern: we’re all sick of each other by June, but we have lots of fun and togetherness (and some time apart) and we’re back to loving each other by September […]

4 New Daddies

As promised, here she is: our new puppy. We drove to Ohio Monday and spent the night at a hotel with a water park. Very fun! Then Tuesday we went and got Keely and drove home. It was a fantastic trip, but exhausting. I didn’t even feel like eating anything until midday Thursday. The last […]